Boardmasters 2021 Running Order

Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Hey Surfers!

The running order for Wednesday is as follows:

08:30 am – Check-In

9:00 am – Mystic Boys Junior Round 1

Mystic Girls Junior Round 1

Animal Men’s Open Round 1

Mystic Boys Junior Round 2

2:05 pm Low Tide

Mystic Girls Junior Round 2

Thursday – Times TBC

Animal Women’s Open Round 1

Animal Men’s Open Round 2

Animal Women’s Open Round 2

Mystic Boys Junior Semi-Final

Mystic Girls Junior Final

Mystic Boys Junior Final

Junior Presentations

Friday – Times TBC

BFGoodrich Men’s Longboard Round 1

Animal Men’s Open Round 3

BFGoodrich Women’s Longboard Round 1

Running order and times subject to surf conditions