UKPSA Engages Digital Partners to Increase Social Reach

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

2018 Surfaced Pro in association with Quiksilver & Roxy

This year has already been a game changer for the UKPSA Pro Surf Tour. At the beginning of this year we committed to a top to bottom audit of everything we do and how we could improve things to better serve our athletes, our staff and our audience. From that, in addition to many functional improvements, came a new digitally focused strategy built around delivering more value to our audience, our sponsors and our surfers.

Earlier this year we agreed a partnership with one of the UKs leading innovators in live video broadcast and distribution, Push.Live Through their ground breaking cloud video production and distribution platform, we are able to fully exploit our social reach and that of our publishing partners.

“We’re really excited to be working with the team at UKPSA to help build their broadcast network and deliver premium content for distribution partners and sponsors.” said Jonnie Coffin, Partner at Push.

As a keen surfer himself, Jonnie added, “UK pro surfing has some incredible talent and we’re proud to facilitate increased exposure through unique scheduling and distribution of live broadcast content, which has traditionally beenΒ complex, time consuming and prohibitively expensive.”

Using Push allows us to work with social publishers and influencers to massively broaden our reach, this in turn means we can offer greater value to our sponsors who gain from the increased reach and data insights. One social publisher quick to realise the potential of such a partnership was Daily Surf Videos. With over 200k followers on Facebook they could see the benefit of sharing high quality live content with their audience.

Nick Braithwaite, Founder of Daily Surf Videos said, “It’s exciting that by partnering with the UKPSA and Push we can easily share a great event like the Surf Snowdonia Pro Surf Challenge with our Facebook LIVE audience and help increase the exposure of the UK competitive surf scene.”

With the next stop on the tour being at the UK’s only wave park, Surf Snowdonia, we have a fantastic opportunity to engage a whole new audience. Venues like this can also share our live content and that’s exactly what the team at Surf Snowdonia have chosen to do. They will also be streaming the event live on their Facebook page to their 70k followers.

The UKPSA is committed to delivering live broadcasting of all events and further non-live video content production. These partnerships only strengthen the opportunities for sponsors to reach a wider audience through digital content and social media.