UK Surf Awards 2017 in association with UK Pro Surf Association

Monday, 27 November 2017

The esteemed “Oscar-esque” UK Pro Surf Awards ceremony took place at The Carnmarth Hotel, Newquay last night amidst a “glitzy” winter wonderland theme, welcoming the festive season.

A familiar cast of courtly-dressed surfers celebrated a successful year on the UK’s Professional surfing tour with the Surf industry leaders for an evening of food, music and most importantly the award presentations.

The awards encompass all divisions from our Junior competitors to the Men’s and Women’s Open divisions including some additional awards representative of all corners of the UK scene alongside charitable organisations such as The Wave Project, Christian Surfers & Groundswell.

This year Fistral Beach gave £5,000 to the winner of the Open division to help them compete internationally through the next competitive season. The largest sum UKPSA has passed onto a UK Professional surfer. The aim now is to provide incentive in other divisions on the tour.

Wave Project Awards

Young Volunteer of the Year: Seb Harrington

Volunteer of the Year: Brian Young

Surf School of the Year: iSURF

Disabled Surfer of the Year: Maisie Robins

The Wave Project Courage Award: Tamara Cormack

Surf Awards

Rookie of the Year 2017
Presented by: Gary Collins Winner: Patrick Langdon-Dark

Liteworx Most Improved Surfer 2017
Presented by: Anton Paul Winner: Sam Hearn

Korev Surfers Choice Award 2016
Presented by: Joss Ash Winner: Reubyn Ash

Freerider Surf Ambassador
Presented By: Max Carey Winner: Anthony Butler

UKPSA Best Surf Judge 2017
Presented by: Mike Durkin Winner: Kerry Powell

Christian Surfers Most Inspirational Surfer Award 2017
Presented by: Phil Williams Winner: Mike Durkin

UKPSA Services to the Sport of Surfing 2017
Presented by: Dave Reed Winner: Steve Hudson

Surfing Sumo Best Surf School
Nominees: Smart Surf School, Sennen Surf School & Tynemouth Surf School
Presented by: Biff Lancaster Winner: Tynemouth Surf School

Cornwall College Surf Student 2017
Presented by Brender Wilmott Winner: Tyler Worth

UKPSA Trophies

UK PST Under 12 Open Champion 2017 Winner: Eli Perrins-Davies

UK PST Under 14 Girls Champion 2017 Winner: Alys Barton

UK PST Under 14 Boys Champion 2017 Winner: Sam Hearn

UK PST Under 16 Girls Champion 2017 Winner: Alys Barton

UK PST Under 16 Boys Champion 2017 Winner: Noah Capps

UKPST Under 18 Girls Champion 2017 Winner Mischa Maguire

UKPST Fistral Beach Under 18 Boys 2017 Winner: Patrick Langdon Dark

UKPST Women’s Champion 2017
Presented by: John Owen Winner: Lucy Campbell

UK PST Open Champion 2017
Presented by: John Briant Winner: Reubyn Ash

Photos: Andy Holter / UKPSA