The Surfing Sumo Clash of the Groms

Sunday, 20 November 2016

19th November 2016

Dawn broke late on Fistral Beach, Newquay, revealing a scene more akin to Nordic legend than the Cornish North shore with icy onshore winds & storm lashed waves to greet our frothing young surfers.

Cautionary calls were a must for the day, as the observed waves, now breaking nicely beyond the foam-banks were deemed suitable only for our over sixteen competitors by the assembled expertise of UKPSA judges, Dave Reed (UKPSA & UK Pro Surf Tour Director) and our oceanic safety team Era Adventures.

Due to a phenomenal count of entries for this brand new event on the UK Pro Surf Tour, officials decided to double-bank the preliminary rounds of competition to optimise on the day’s window of improving conditions through an unwieldy meteorological range of forecasts for this time of year.

Our stalwart Fistral Beach Under 18 Boys kick-started the day’s action charging through all 6 heats of the first round, proceeded by the Adams Under 16 Boys and straight into the Semi-Finals of the Under 18 Girls all before midday.


As competition progressed through towards the final stages of the eldest categories, conditions improved with a significant drop in the barrage of wind, bringing cleaner waves and a welcome rise in temperature, allowing our Under 14 Boys a crack at the competition with zeal after potentially facing a cancellation for their division.
Prize presentations were hosted on Fistral beach in the failing wintery sunset, with prizes presented by our guest and event sponsor Biff Lancaster from The Surfing Sumo.

With competitive elation, Stanley Norman claimed the Under 14 Boys title after scoring a 9.0 stand-up barrel during his round: 2 heat earlier in the competition.

Ellie Turner earned the Under 16 Girls title with 7.53 & 6.67 rides in her final heat, the highest score of which gets doubled in-keeping with the new scoring system in place, to encourage high rewarded surfing for powerful, poignant manoeuvres over wave count & continued to dominate her Under 18 Girls final emerging victorious with a second championship from this event.

Jordan Zervas took a long awaited win in the Adams Surfboard Under 16 Boys after many close final heats throughout the competitive year.

And finally the Champion of the Fistral Beach Under 18 Boys, Harry De Roth took the stage amidst hoots of respect and applause, after charging his final heat with an epic combination of 8.93 & 8.43 rides, giving a grand total of 26.30 points sealing the first ever The Surfing Sumo Clash of the Groms.

Biff Lancaster from The Surfing Sumo said “It was great to see so many youngsters competing (even if it did prove challenging for the organisers!). Even in the tricky conditions these kids excelled and showed the future of British surfing is looking very bright indeed. We’re looking forward to an exciting year with the UK Pro Surf Tour.”



Under 14 Boys
1st: Stanley Norman
2nd: Noah Capps
3rd: Max Hudson
& coming 4th: Woody New

Under 16 Girls
1st: Ellie Turner
2nd: Lily Mandeville
3rd: Bonita Whitelock
& ending her heat in 4th: Mischa Maguire

Adams Surfboards Under 16 Boys
1st: Jordan Zervas
2nd: Seth Morris,
3rd: Patrick Langdon-Dark
& coming in 4th: Noah Capps

Under 18 Girls
1st: Ellie Turner
2nd: Mischa Maguire
3rd: Jess Knight
& coming in 4th: Lily Mandeville

Fistral Beach Under 18 Boys
1st: Harry de Roth
2nd: George Hudson,
3rd: Kit Innes
& taking 4th: Jack Verbraeken

We would like to thank our event sponsors, The Surfing Sumo, Adams Surfboards, Fistral Beach Surf School & Surf hire & The Fistral Beach Bar in addition to UK Pro Surf Tour sponsors, The Surfing Sumo & Korev Lager who make our surfing events possible with their support.
Also to all of our esteemed UKPSA judges & event staff & Era Adventures for providing excellent safety cover for all our events.

Images attached: Credit Jason Feast / UKPSA if used– these pictures are supplied for editorial use only to accompany press release promoting The Surfing Sumo Clash of the Groms

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