In 1998, Keith Richards decided to open up the best surf shop in town. What town? Falmouth, a neat little place tucked in the coastal county of Cornwall. His mission was and still is to bring the best surf equipment the planet has to offer. If you are nearby, come in and have a chat, he’s one of the best conversationalists of all time, whether it’s about surfing or what wood to use for a project you might want to take on. If you aren’t nearby, have a browse through our awesome selection of in-house branded clothing or some wax to keep you on that board when you’re trying a switch inverted frontside air reverse. Keith believes in doing what you love. His philosophy for Freeriders is to cut the crap and just surf.

We have chosen to endorse the ambassador award because we feel surfing is all about inspiration and inspiring others to get involved, in some way or another. May that be surfing, photography, videography, clothing or officiating, altogether this all makes the sport what it is today. As a brand, we stand for family and believe the sport of surfing is one big family, that all benefit from one another, and all have something to offer. This is why we feel that the award should go to someone who plays a role in the sport, but doesn’t get the credit they deserve.

Being able to capture the essence of the sport and present it in a new, engaging medium is something that we are in full support of, as is something that we as a surf brand aim to do. 

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