Show Presenters Battle it out in the Commentators Cup

Friday, 21 December 2018

Presenters Battle it out in the Commentators Cup

One rainy morning in North Wales, we had an idea. Our group of talented live show presenters are not shy at voicing their opinions, picking fault with the surfers and challenging judges’ decisions, but are they willing to put their reputation on the line? Do they still have it? Or are they just a bunch of couch experts? There was only one way to find out, put them all in the water for a one off, winner takes all competition. Of course, they couldn’t resist the challenge, and the ‘Commentators Cup’ was born.

It was decided that Surf Snowdonia was the perfect location (mainly so none of them could blame the conditions). And to avoid bruising their fragile egos, we decided the event should take place behind closed doors.

The format was simple. Each surfer had three waves on which to impress the panel of esteemed judges. And those judges had a difficult job, clearly needing to remain impartial, but not wanting ruin their chances of getting a pint bought for them in the bar after the event. Of course we caught all the action on camera so we could show it to all you lucky people, and also as evidence for the inevitable disputes following the scoring.

At this point, the competitors would like us to remind you that whilst they don’t consider themselves ‘past it’ they do wish it to be known that they are all of advancing years. This was just one of the many excuses put forward by the guys as they prepared for the comp. Other excuses included bad knees, lack of sleep and the old favourite “I haven’t been in the water for weeks”.

You can watch the film above to see what happened, below are the details.

The Line-up

Lee Bartlett
11 x British champion and master board shaper, Lee has been a big name in British surfing for more years than he would care to mention. He’s also our trusted anchor man in the studio for the live comp broadcasts.

Nick Williams
Originally hailing from South Africa, Nick gives us an excuse to claim this was an ‘international’ event. As the oldest competitor and apparently the most nervous, we knew we could rely on Nick to bring a sense of maturity and class to the event. How wrong we were.

Paul Barrington
Despite being the tallest competitor, and riding the longest board, and wearing glasses (yes these are all excuses he used), Paul has been a part of the UK surf scene since he was a teenager. With multiple local and national wins over the years, he’s now a regular on the staff at the national club’s championships and of course, one of our talented presenters.

Sam Smart
Being the youngest and arguably fittest competitor in the group, there was obviously a lot of expectation around Sam. The only one to actually do a ‘warm up’ before starting and take the comp seriously, he understandably felt he was robbed of victory by a panel of judges who turned out to be close personal friends of Nick Williams.

The Results

1stNick Williams

2ndLee Bartlett

3rdSam Smart

4thPaul Barrington

Thanks to Mr B Productions for the behind the scenes footage and for pulling the edit together. Also thanks to Hobo Surf Media, Leon Sayer and Tyler Worth for the surf footage.