Nerf Clash of the Groms Thurso Surf Festival Day 2

Friday, 27 October 2017

Second day of competition here in the Scottish Highlands & Thurso east seemed to be withholding its waves for another day as the morning check saw a relocation west along the coast to Melvich where we were greeted by 2-3’ swell coloured a deep mocha from the peat laden river and a soft sandy bay sloping onto the dark, stone reef.
The UKPSA events contingent established a minimal base of operations as we marched across the grassy dunes, erected our sponsors’ banners and kicked off with the Under 14 Boys Semi-Finals.

Exeter’s Sam Hearn dominated the Under 14 Boys, rapidly dialling in the left-hand reforms into the river mouth and scoring the longest and most impressive waves to take the title over Scottish wildcard Ben Larg who takes 2nd place.
In the Under 16 Boys Noah Capps took an early lead scoring solid waves with a 5.4 followed by a 6.2 leading the other finalists in a game of catch-up for the entire heat, ending in victory for Noah as his scores remained unbeatable.
The Under 18 Boys and Women’s Open finalists were given the choice to surf today or face tomorrow’s possible large swell. The Under 18 Boys were thrilled by the chance of finishing in larger waves tomorrow whilst the Women’s Open was opted to complete today at Melvich.
Lucy Campbell not only takes out the Women’s competition but Claims the UK Pro Surf Tour Title from Emily Currie in a Climatic final with Emily Williams who led an early charge with a 7.33 ride topped after by Lucy’s combined wave total of 12.33.
Meet tomorrow for an exciting Day: 3 of The Clash of The Groms Thurso Surf Festival 2017 at 08:30, Thurso East or watch it Live on our UK Pro Surf Association Facebook page.
Under 14 Boys
1st – Sam Hearn
2nd – Ben Larg
3rd – Bertie Norman
4th – Kieron Smith

Under 16 Boys
1st – Noah Capps
2nd – Barnaby Cox
3rd – Seth Morris
4th – Frankie Bamford

Women’s Open
1st – Lucy Campbell
2nd – Emily Williams
3rd – Emily Currie
4th – Francesca Pioli

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