Nerf Clash of the Groms Thurso Surf Festival Day 1

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Meek wave conditions diverted todays’ Clash of The Groms, Thurso leg of the UK Pro Surf Tour to Dunnet Head here in the Scottish Highlands in the search for a wave, worthy of competing upon.
This is the first time the UK Pro Surf Association has held a competition at this location, with some phenomenal scenery enclosing this attractive beach break and an array of chilling winds showers and breaking-sunlight dappling the sky, our young competitors put their skills to the test.
Congratulations to Scottish competitors, Craig Maclachlan for taking the win in our Under 12 Open category with Iona Maclachlan also taking a 2nd in the Under 18 girls division. Representing Wales especially well with wins in the Under 14, under 16 & Under 18 Girls’ divisions, Alys Barton went heat toe to toe against finalist Bonita Whitelock in all 3 categories before Iona successfully split the result in the last final of the day.
This was also the first time the UK Pro Surf Association has had a live-stream for the Scottish leg of our tour, once again provided by Stream Freedom Limited, which despite the extremely remote location was available for our Facebook fans to enjoy, so thank you for tuning in, sharing and posting up your positive comments and questions for our commentator Lee Bartlett (2x UK Pro Surf Tour Champ, 9 British & 11 English Title winner) to answer over the live feed.
Competition will resume tomorrow with the continuation of the Nerf Clash of The Groms Junior divisions, with a morning check-in at Thurso East for 08:30am.
Under 12 Open
1ST – Craig Maclachlan
2nd – Eli Perrins-Davies
3rd – Tom Boothroyd
4th – Ishka Tres
5th – Jack Pearson
Under 14 Girls
1st – Alys Barton
2nd – Bonita Whitelock
Under 16 Girls
1st – Alys Barton
2nd – Bonita Whitelock
Under 18 Girls
1st – Alys Barton
2nd – Iona Maclachlan
3rd – Bonita Whitelock
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