John Owen steps down as director of UK Pro Surf Association

Thursday, 8 March 2018

John, who was instrumental in the setting up of the UK Pro Surf Association and UK Pro Surf Tour has decided to call it a day. At the age of 77 he has conceded that it is time to look after his health and spend more time with his family.

John has been involved with competitive surfing for many years. From Beach Marshalling at the Gul Alder Pro 1981 (now known as the Boardmasters) and working on every event since, to helping organise the EPSA (European Professional Surfing Association) in its early years. This also included becoming a committee member of national governing bodies the BSA and the English Surfing Federation.

His two sons Jamie and Jonathon won almost all the UK National competition titles, including the British, English and European contests.

True to form, John will not be completely absent from the UK Pro Surf Tour. He will still be seen on the judging panel of some events, passing on his invaluable knowledge and experience to a new generation. We wish John the best of luck in his retirement!

John Owen steps down aged 77

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