Highlands Surf Festival: Running Order for Thursday

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

07:30 Check In
08:00 Mens Open Round 2 – 3 Heats 20 mins
U18 Girls Semi Finals – 2
U14 Boys Semi Finals – 2
U16 Boys Semi Final – 2
10:46 Low Tide 2.28m
Womens Open Semi Finals – 2
U18 Boys Semi Finals – 2
Mens Open Semi Finals – 2
U12 Girls Final
U12 Boys Final
U14 Girls Final
U14 Boys Final
U16 Girls Final
U16 Boys Final
U18 Girls Final
U18 Boys Final
Womens Open Final
Mens Open Final
16:28 High Tide 4.19m

All Times Subject to Change due to Surf Conditions

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