2018 Men’s Title Down to the Wire

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Reubyn Ash vs Jay Quinn

As we go into the final event of the year, the Smart Parking Night Surf, the title race is hotting up. The statisticians among you will appreciate the maths in these scenarios, and there are many, but the main battle is between Reubyn Ash and Jay Quinn. With a series of wins under his belt, Reubyn appears to be in a comfortable position, but Jay is in top form and could snatch it from under his nose.

Basically, it breaks down like this. If Jay Quinn gets first place at the Night Surf and Reubyn Ash finishes 4th or less, then Jay takes the 2018 title. However, if Reubyn has a shocker and crashes out in the first round (like he almost did at Thurso) then the title race opens up and any of the top four are in with a chance.

There are obviously many scenarios that could play out if Reubyn bombs out in the first round and Jay has a less than perfect comp. Miles Lee-Hargreaves will be looking to do well after his win at Surf Snowdonia, and Luke Dillon who has yet to win at the Night Surf is always a top contender.

This is all academic of course if Reubyn continues his current form, he has after all won the last two events on the tour and gained a comfortable lead. Either way, the Night Surf is where it will all be decided for the year so stand by for action as we will be going live to Fistral beach on Friday for full coverage.