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Peony Knight’s Triumphant Return to the Tour

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Event Results
Hometown Points 12345
1Reubyn AshBude32303-11-
25CE7A491-28FA-43F1-92AD-4F9E1322F845Jay QuinnNewquay29551-23-
3Miles Lee-hargreavesBude285213158-
4Patrick Langdon-darkSwansea28309275-
5D3FA90BB-D91F-4C91-AB7E-BBA927ACB2ECLuke DillonAvenue25952-34-
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2018 Events

#112-13 May 2018
Surfaced Pro Watergate Bay, Newquay, Cornwall
#216-17 Jul 2018
UK Schools Surf Championships Fistral Beach, Newquay, Cornwall
#316 Sep 2018
Surf Snowdonia Pro Surf Challenge Dolgarrog, Snowdonia, North Wales
#413-14 Oct 2018
Welsh Pro Rest Bay, Porthcawl, South Wales
#517-19 Oct 2018
#626-27 Oct 2018

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